Mt. Fuji is not only the highest mountain in Japan, but also sacred symbol to the Japanese mind. It has exerted a great influence upon Japanese culture. This mountain has been the subject of uncountable stories, poems and pictures.
Mt. Fuji was inscribed as a World Heritage site (Cultural Heritage) at the 13th meeting of the World Heritage Committee in June 2013.
Tsuru university is located near Mt. Fuji.
Mt. Fuji Climbing has long been a religious practice.
This book depicts the people traveled around Mt. Fuji.

The tale of the Caves (Fuji-no-hitoana, Fuji person hole) of Mount Fuji.
The story goes that Nitta-Shirou-Tadatsune (samurai) went into the cave and had a mysterious experience under Mt.Fuji.
冨士山:御つたえ 御うた 全
Fujisan: Otsutae Onuta zen
The sutra of Fuji faith. This sutra is recited while otakiage (fire rite) is carried out.
Ise monogatari (Tales of ise), famous poetic narrative, produced in the early 10th century. It consists of a series of poems with prose contexts (125 sections).
In the section of "Azuma kudari (Travel to the eastern provinces from Kyoto)", Ariwara-no-Narihira saw Mt. Fuji in the trip.

"Narihira sees Mt. Fuji dusted with snow and is inspired to recite this poem:
Toki shiranu / yama wa fuji none / itsu tote ka / kanoko madara ni/ yuki no fururan

Fuji is a mountain
That knows no seasons.
What time does it take this for
That it should be dappled
With fallen snow? (trans. Helen Craig McCullough)"*

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